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What is e-Mploy?

e-Mploy is our online national recruitment service which is available to all Manawanui clients and the rest of the disability community. The website allows you to search through profiles created by people who are passionate about supporting others.

You can also create personalised job advertisements to recruit the perfect person to suit your needs. You get to control everything, from initial shortlisting, through interviewing all the way to hiring the support person of your dreams.

e-Mploy supports all employment types, whether you want a contractor, part time, or even full time employee you can find them here. There’s no strings attached to e-Mploy, no fees, no bookings and no payroll service you have to use, all we want is to ensure you can find the right support for you.

How do e-Mploy and Manawanui's Client Web Portal work together?

If you’re with Manawanui, you can use our Client Web Portal (Portal) to manage your staff, submit timesheets and expense claims, manage your budget and monitor your expenditure. Think about e-Mploy as a tool to ensure you have the best person to support you. Once you’ve used e-Mploy to find the right person, you can easily add their details straight into the Portal as your Employee or contractor!

From the Portal, you can invite an employee to join, so they can enter their own timesheets and view payslips online.